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YAY! It's finally been made. A community just for teenage vegetarians and vegans. I know you all are out there and waiting just for a community like this :-D So I decided to make one! Tell all your veg friends about this community and don't be afraid to make the first post-somebody has to. Have fun!
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Not a teen any more, but I was when I became one, 30 years ago! Its so much easier for you young 'uns than it was in my day! There were no such thing as soya meat! I hope this community does well, as you need to support each other, especially if parents aren't helpful.
Live long and prosper.
Thank you. I think that I might not end up doing this community though because I found out that there is already a teen vegetarian community.
Go! Join up!
Bunny huggers rule!
hehe. I did :-P